What is ‘Samsung Apps’ and ‘Samsung Apps Seller Office’?

  • Samsung Apps – Samsung Apps is open market place to connect developers and buyers. Developers are able to sell their applications (Samsung Apps for Kenya is not a paid store yet) for smartphones and users can buy free or paid applications through Samsung Apps.
  • Samsung Apps Seller Office - Samsung Apps Seller Office is a service supporting application registration and sales activities to sell Apps and Games on Samsung Apps. If you sign up for Samsung Apps Seller Office, you can display free applications on Samsung Apps. Once you sign up as a commercial seller, you can sell paid applications at Samsung Apps yourself. (Samsung Apps for Kenya is not a paid store yet)

What is the consolation for the fact that “Samsung Apps for Kenya is not a paid store yet”? For the time being, and for the long term?

We are working to make Samsung Apps a paid store in July. But for the time being developers can leverage on the fact that it costs nothing to create a Samsung Apps account. That is, there are no registration fees. This is huge save for the developer.

On top of it being a double exposure opportunity for the developer, once the application is loaded onto the store successfully, we could feature the local application and developer in any marketing opportunity that comes up. Of course, this will be after we notify the developer & have them provide the necessary icons and description.

We encourage developers to keep in touch so that we can fit them into future opportunities and also keep them updated with our plans.


Can I sell my app in Samsung Apps in Kenya?

Not yet. The Samsung Apps currently available on Samsung Apps in Kenya does not allow selling of applications but we are working to make the Kenya Samsung Apps a paid store. Which means that developers can begin selling applications soon. However you can sell apps in other regions with the paid store.

You can register for a Samsung Apps seller account at http://seller.samsungapps.com and publish your application via Samsung Apps, the official open market place to connect developers, downloaders and buyers.


Tips for Promoting Your Apps at Samsung Apps/ How Can I Promote My App on Samsung Apps?

Check out this video on the official Samsung Apps YouTube channel;


Who can I contact directly if I have an issues with Samsung Apps or uploading to the store

You can contact Job King’ori Maina, currently in charge of Digital Content & Solutions for Samsung Electronics, East & Central Africa via email (jo.kingori@samsung.com)


How Do I As A Developer Benefit from Publishing My App on Samsung Apps?


How can I get devices to test my application (m:lab Testing Room)

Samsung is working with m:lab to provide mobile handsets for the testing lab. Find the blog post here detailing more about this arrangement. For any queries contact testing@mlab.co.ke


Global Coverage of Samsung Apps

  • Samsung Apps covers 121 countries in total. Paid-contents are available in 49 countries for Bada, 35 for Android (See the list here; http://developer.samsung.com/appsOverview.do). Free contents are available in 72 countries




Asia Pacific






Middle East & Africa